Oliur is a designer and creator based in the UK
Joey Banks is a Senior Product Designer at Twitter, working on Design Systems.
Aaron Poe is the Design Director of the Brand team at Square
Gavin Nelson is is a Product Designer at GitHub working on GitHub Mobile as well as an icon designer focused on crafting app icons for clients in his…
Anthony Menecola is currently a Staff Product Designer focused on conversational commerce at Shopify
Stuart Regan is a Product Designer at Raycast, a productivity tool for Mac
Welcome to another edition of Workspaces! We bring you inside the workspaces of creative individuals. Workspaces hopes to inspire you by showing you the…
Front-end dev/designer and co-founder of Slides.com—a presentation tool for developers & designers
Dan Hollick is a Product Designer currently based out of London. He was previously a Product Designer at TIDAL.
Allan Grinshtein is a Product Designer at Netflix and also runs a community for designers called Good News
Austen Allred is the co-founder and CEO of BloomTech (Bloom Institute of Technology), formerly known as Lambda School
Josh Millgate is the Head of Design at Super, a website builder for Notion