David McGillivray is a British born Creative Director and Designer
Suzan Bond is a writer, leadership consultant, and exec coach to tech leaders
Filip Minev is currently bootstrapping Tally, the simplest way to create forms
Michael Riddering is the founding designer at Maven and the creator of Figma Academy
David Bauer is a journalist, product lead, and writer of the Weekly Filet newsletter
Ellen Chisa is a Founder in Residence at Boldstart Ventures, where she enjoys working with engineers before and while they are starting their companies
Allan Grinshtein is a Product Designer at Netflix and also runs a community for designers called Good News
Austen Allred is the co-founder and CEO of BloomTech (Bloom Institute of Technology), formerly known as Lambda School
Dan Hollick is a Product Designer currently based out of London. He was previously a Product Designer at TIDAL.
Andreea Egli is a freelance web developer and the creator of devtooly
Justin Gordon is the Director of Marketing at Vitalize Venture Capital as well as a Founding Angel Investor at Vitalize Angel
Connor Jewiss is currently working in Product at Phavour, startup development at DECKO, and is a Venture Partner at Timeless VC