052 - Marc Edwards

One year! Workspaces has brought you inside creative workspaces for 52 consecutive Sunday mornings. Here’s a look back on some of the previous workspaces in case you missed them:

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the past year of Workspaces! We have plenty of great workspaces already in the queue for year 2 and will continue to feature as many great setups as possible.

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Marc Edwards is the founder of Bjango, maker of many great apps. He is also currently building Skala, a precise user interface and icon design tool.

Inside Marc’s Workspace

Furniture and hardware:

  • An incredibly standard and old IKEA desk

  • A yoga ball as a seat

  • Mac Pro

  • Pro Display XDR

  • Magic Mouse

  • Magic Keyboard

“I’ve tried almost every type of seat over the years, and I find a yoga ball the most comfortable. If nothing else, it forces me to keep moving. I like having a pretty boring and dark work environment to help keep focused, and ensure colour accuracy throughout the day.”

Podcasting and music production gear:

  • Emagic AMT8

  • Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre

  • Sennheiser SMB7

  • Triton Audio FetHead

“The AMT8 was purchased new about 20 years ago. Good audio gear lasts forever. If you have a Sennheiser SMB7, the FetHead is a great companion — it helps increase volume and reduce noise.”


  • Design tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, Affinity Designer, XD

  • 3D: Cheetah 3D, Blender

  • Text editors: Nova (HTML/CSS), Byword (Markdown), Sublime Text (GLSL shaders, C++)

  • Git Tower

  • Soulver

  • Xcode

  • Processing

  • Screenflick

  • Dash

  • Logic Pro X

“I do my best to work across as many design tools as possible. They all have something to offer, and I feel it’s important for me to know them all well. Tower’s my favourite Git client. Soulver is absolutely amazing as a calculator scratch pad. I am doing my best at learning Blender, but mostly failing right now, so I keep falling back to Cheetah 3D. Screenflick is the best screen recorder I’ve found. Dash gives you quick and offline access to reference documentation.”

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