058 - Tyler Denk

Tyler Denk is the Product Lead at YouTube Music

Tyler Denk is the Product Lead at YouTube Music. He was previously employee #2 at Morning Brew.

In his free time, he works on side projects like Big Desk Energy (Spotify Playlist here… it’s perfect for working or studying to).


  • Two 15” Macbook Pros (one for work, one for other work)
  • Bose 700 noise cancelling headphones
  • Below average Dell monitor
  • Monoprice workstream standing desk
  • Laura Soho Ribbed management chair


  • VS Code
  • Sourcetree
  • Figma
  • Notion
  • Spotify (A&R for BDE)
  • Slack
  • Todoist
  • 1password
  • Chrome

Be sure to follow Tyler on Twitter to stay up to date on his upcoming side projects: twitter.com/denk_tweets 🎶

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