061 - Dalia Katan

Dalia Katan is the founder and CEO of Presently

Dalia Katan is the founder and CEO of Presently, a group celebration platform that makes it easy for people to collaborate on a group gift, card, or video for that special occasion.

Even though the startup world is quite the rollercoaster, she feels very lucky to have a job that centers around bringing joy to others.

Real stuff:

  • Tech: 13” Macbook Pro, 2x AirPods (they never last a full day), Alexa + Anker speakers
  • Life: Water, plants, books, and my guitar on my bed
  • Organization: Moleskine, whiteboard, small drawer thing that holds all my miscellaneous wires, art supplies, greeting cards
  • Other: Arched floor lamp above my desk, laptop stand tucked away (never gets used tbh)

Digital stuff:

  • Communication: Slack, Apple Mail (yeah…),Texts/Beeper (testing both), iMessage
  • Video: Around, Zoom
  • Design: Photoshop, Figma
  • Organization: iCal, Notion, Apple Notes, Evernote, Asana, Brave
  • Code + No Code: Airtable, XCode, Sublime, Zapier, Jira
  • + Presently app

Not pictured:

  • My lunch (and breakfast) which was conveniently removed from the photo to keep it tidy ;)
  • My new purple iPhone!
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