062 - Mac Cormier

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Mac Cormier is a design lead at Square and runs an independent print studio called Cypress Design Co

His workspace is a collection of industrially purposed furniture: a workbench, a tool cabinet, and a stool. During typical work hours it functions as a desk with a laptop and keyboard—but outside of the old 9-5, it’s a carving bench, a drawing space or a full printing line. Keeping it minimal makes it easy to swap out the tools for the space’s current needs. The prints shown are a backdrop for calls and come from friends around the industry: Camille Villanueva, InkyCatPrints, and Studio Tokek

Inside Mac’s Workspace


  • MacBook Air

  • iPad Pro

  • Concepts (iPad)

  • Illustrator (Mac)

  • Figma (for work)

  • HomePod (definitely a tool—always have music on in the shop)

  • Field Notes (always)

  • Blackwing Pencils, Uni-ball Signo Um 151

  • pFiel Swiss made palm handled carving tools

  • Ohkubo blue steel knife

  • lots of Band-Aids

  • Cranfield caligo safes wash relief inks

  • Nikon FM2 (for inspiration)

Are you interested in hearing more from Mac? He will be doing a Twitter Space this Wednesday to talk about design, Square, physical products, etc!

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