068 - James Brooks

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James Brooks is a Software Developer at Laravel, where he’s working on Forge and Envoyer.

He is also the host of the Happy Dev podcast. Happy Dev is an interview podcast that discusses mental health in the tech industry.

Inside James’ Workspace


  • Mac Mini M1

  • Keychron K2

  • Apple Magic Trackpad Space Grey

  • AirPods Pro

  • Bose SoundLink

  • Apple Homepod Mini

  • Logi C920 HD Webcam

  • Samsung 34" Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor

  • Apple MagSafe Charger


  • PHPStorm

  • Sublime Text

  • Apple Music

  • Slack

  • Trello

  • TablePlus

  • 1Password

  • HEY mail

Want to see additional details around James’ setup? He outlined it all here!

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