102 / Justin Duke - Engineering Manager at Stripe

Justin Duke is an Engineering Manager at Stripe and founder of Buttondown.

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Ryan (@rjgilbert)

Justin Duke is an Engineering Manager at Stripe. In his free time, he works on Buttondown. Buttondown is a super easy way to start and run your newsletter. He is constantly shipping new features and even offers free migration onto the platform if you’re coming from somewhere else!

Inside Justin’s Workspace


  • A Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-inch curved monitor. The fidelity of the display isn't amazing, but the real estate has forever spoiled me: trying to do flow work on a laptop or iPad (unless it's something like writing) is impossible now

  • Magic Mouse & Magic Keyboard, because I foolishly believe RSI will never happen to me

  • AirPods Max, which I cannot recommend buying in good faith (they are so expensive) but I truly love

  • A 2019 Mac Mini for personal use and a 2018 MacBook Pro as a work laptop

  • A hoarder-like slew of Amazon Basics Notebooks and the nigh-infamous Muji Gel Black 0.38mms for writing quick notes. (I have tried using "actual" notebooks and journals and planners and inevitably I fall out of favor with them — disposability and casual scribbling is too important for me)

  • The same Logitech webcam pretty much everyone has

  • A pair of [clears throat] JÄRVFJÄLLET Ikea chairs. Sort of weirdly high-backed, but super comfortable.

And, of course, the most important thing to outfit a hygge workplace: a seven-month old corgi puppy. Telemachus is not the best multiplier on my productivity, truth be told, but he represents the "life" in the whole "work-life balance" thing!

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-Ryan (@rjgilbert)