106 - Michele Hansen

Michele Hansen is the co-founder of Geocodio and co-host of the Software Social Podcast

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Ryan (@rjgilbert)

Michele Hansen is the co-founder of Geocodio, straightforward and easy-to-use geocoding, reverse geocoding, and data matching for US and Canadian addresses.

She is also the co-host of the Software Social Podcast, where two indie SaaS founders invite you to join their weekly chats.

If that wasn’t enough, she is also the author of Deploy Empathy, a practical guide to interviewing customers.

Inside Michele’s Workspace


  • 13" MacBook Air on mStand360

  • Samsung monitor

  • Older generation MacBook Air powering two wall-mounted displays with analytics (not shown)

  • Røde Podcaster Mic

  • Matias Wireless Keyboard 

  • Trackpad

  • Rifle Paper Co. calendar—I've tried many calendars over the years and love the balance of space for events vs. to-do lists

  • Many different writing implements: Bic Velocity .9 MM mechanical pencil for to-do lists/calendar, colorful Uniball pens for editing, multiple colors of highlighters for going through transcripts, Grovemade brass pen for writing cards

  • Old school wired headphones—I always forget to charge my AirPods

  • Water

  • Table top and filing cabinets are from Ikea. Filing cabinets are full of Post-Its, index cards for to-do lists, and large artists' paper notebooks for interview notes, wireframes, and process sketches

  • Refurbished Herman Miller Aeron Chair

  • LL Bean moccasins strategically placed under the desk for easy access 

  • Directly to my back is my bookshelf, which is currently full of books I referenced while drafting Deploy Empathy 

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