119 - Hakim El Hattab

Front-end dev/designer and co-founder of Slides.com—a presentation tool for developers & designers

Hakim El Hattab is a front-end dev/designer and co-founder of Slides.com—a presentation tool for developers & designers. Slides is built on top of an open source HTML presentation framework he created called reveal.js. He also loves to tinker with various UI and UX experiments over at hakim.se.

His office is in his attic which he’s converted from storage space into a double home office and a TV/video game room. The limited space and low slanted ceiling easily makes it the coziest space in his house.

He loves that his workspace feels so personal. As much as he likes keeping the space tidy, he also loves surrounding himself with pictures and drawings from his kids.




  • IKEA table top on an adjustable height base from a local supplier
  • Herman Miller Embody chair
  • DeLorean gifted to me as a parting gift from a friend at Squarespace

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Q/A ☕️

How many times do you take breaks throughout the day?

Not nearly as often as I should 😬

I frequently sit for 2-3 hours at a time before getting up for a break.

Where did you set up your home office and why?

I converted our attic into an office. Having the office two floors removed from our living space has been a massive improvement over a desk in the bedroom. The fact that I need to walk up to a separate floor to get to work creates a clear divide between work and private life.

How do you keep the work-life balance?

Since becoming a parent I’ve found work-life balance comes more naturally. Wanting to spend as much quality time as possible with my family is a constant reminder not to work too many hours.
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