139 - Travis Andrews

Travis Andrews is the Guitarist and Executive Director at The Living Earth Show

Travis Andrews is the Guitarist and Executive Director at The Living Earth Show.

TLES is one of the most virtuosic chamber ensembles in the United States and a cutting-edge commissioning and presenting organization. Starting in 2022, The Living Earth Show will launch a record label: Earthy Records.

TLES built its record label, Earthy Records, as a challenge to the status quo in classical music. The new label gives composers unparalleled agency in every step of the process: from the generation of their most ambitious musical idea to the arrival of that idea in the ears of the public. TLES offers composers simultaneous access to the performers interpreting their score and the tools to design their live production in any way they can imagine.

You can see from the photos that I'm very proud of my cable management.

Useful tools include shelves of books that go several rows back that double as sound treatment. A disgusting leopard chaise that I've had for 13 years for pontificating and listening back to music. A lot of guitar stuff: instruments, pedals, a homemade amp from a friend. Also, a cabinet filled with 8 channels of analog recording equipment.

Q/A ☕️

How many times do you take breaks throughout the day?

If I'm practicing, I take a break every 20 mins. If it's email or admin I take a break every 90 mins. But I do work at night. I don't really wake up chemically until 9pm. Physically, I wake up at 6:30am and that is not fun.

Where did you set up your home office and why?

I set up a room in the basement because no one else wanted to go down there! At least I can track audio there at late hours, and I spent a lot of time acoustically treating it. Square rooms are the worst, but this one came a long way.

How do you make/keep working remotely fun/tolerable?

I like working at my own pace, and I enjoy organization projects. It has helped a lot these past two years. I'm ready for the chaos of working in shared space and doing shows, but I'm lucky to have a comfortable normal.

How do you keep the work-life balance?

I have no clue! I don't consider my work-life balance balanced. Anyone else, please share your secrets!
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