157 - Jimmy Daly

Jimmy Daly is the founder and CEO of Superpath, a 7,000+ person community for content marketers

Jimmy Daly is the founder and CEO of Superpath, a 7,000+ person community for content marketers. It includes a job board, courses, events, a marketplace and much more.

Read more about his journey of starting and growing his company here.

A few tools I love:

  • I put a Rogue Jammer pull-up bar above my office door. I do a few anytime I walk in or out.
  • I got a Varidesk so that I could alternate between standing or sitting. The quality is good enough and it helps a lot.
  • I’m a big fan of yellow legal pads. I buy a pack once a year or so and take copious notes.
  • Camera: Nikon D7000 (old school!)
  • Monitor: Apple Thunderbolt display
  • Laptop: MacBook Air M1
  • Mic: Yeti Blue
  • Mini guitar amp: Blackstar Mini
  • Coffee: Hydroflask 12oz mug
  • Water: Yeti 32oz tumbler

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Q/A ☕️

How many times do you take breaks throughout the day?

I take a lot or breaks. My wife and one year old daughter are often home and I love spending time with them. My wife and I work hard to keep our schedules flexible. Sometimes, I’ll watch my daughter while she heads our for a run or a trip to the store. I often finish up work after my daughter goes to bed. In some ways, work bleeds into all hours of the day, but I also get to spend quality time with the family during the day. It’s a trade-off I’ll make any day.

Where did you set up your home office and why?

My office is a nook between a bedroom and the laundry room. It’s nothing fancy but it’s a dedicated space and means I don’t have to take over a guest room. It’s open though—so I can’t keep noises out or in. I plan to get a membership at a coworking space at some point so that I can break up the day.

How do you make/keep working remotely fun/tolerable?

I’ve been working remotely since 2013—way before it was cool (or forced us on all!). I try to take full advantage of the flexible schedule. I like to ski a few mornings each week, I run most days, we take the dog on walks—all things I enjoy and that are much easier to manage with a remote job.

How do you keep the work-life balance?

It’s more of a work-life equilibrium. Some days, work demands time. Some days, family demands time. And some days, I demand a little time for myself. It’s ever-changing. My wife and I plan out each week ahead of time to make sure we get time together as a family, time together just for us and time for each of individually. It’s a lot of work but it helps us prevent the chaos that would almost certainly ensure otherwise.

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