211 - Hailley Griffis

Hailley Griffis is the Head of Communications & Content at Buffer

Hailley Griffis is the Head of Communications & Content at Buffer. She is also the co-host of the MakeWorkWork podcast, a show about "the work around the work" including growing our careers, doing creative work, and striving to be better.

Twitter → twitter.com/hailleymari

On the desk:

On the side table:

Pinned up behind the desk:

Where did you set up your home office and why?

I set up in a spare bedroom of our house. It's my preference to work from home and to work in a space where I can close the door for soundproofing. After living in several places where I didn't have a dedicated office it feels amazing now to have the space for a room that is primarily for work.

How do you keep the work-life balance?

I've always set pretty firm boundaries for work and life. I have physical boundaries like work only happening in my office space and my laptop rarely leaving the office, and digital boundaries including turning off notifications on my phone.
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