220 - Claire Salvo

Claire Salvo is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles

Claire Salvo is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. She is currently focused mostly on faces and figures.

Twitter → twitter.com/claire_salvo

Instagram → instagram.com/clairesalvo


  • Glass-top desk
  • Phone mount for timelapses
  • Hand-built flat file storage
  • Vintage cantilever chair
  • Desk lamp
  • My art! The two pieces on the wall are my own. Blue bic ballpoint and the other is pen and ink.
  • Everything in my studio, with the exception of the desk lamp, is thrifted.


  • BIC ballpoint pens
  • Graphite pencil and an eraser
  • Drawing on Arches Hot Press paper

What is your favorite item in your workspace?

My John Lewis portrait - I'm emotionally attached. In terms of furnishings, I love my flat file. I've always wanted one and have never had the space. I'm so happy to have a place to properly store work.

How do you spark creativity?

I work best in clean, tidy spaces. When I'm feeling uninspired, I'll try to visit a gallery or museum. During off hours, I'll scroll instagram or twitter for inspiration and ideas.

How do you keep the work-life balance with so many projects going on at once?

I'm introverted, so truthfully my favorite place to be is in my studio creating. It's easy for me to hibernate and isolate - I have to make a concerted effort to get out and be social. I try to take breaks, plan things one or two nights a week, get out to a local coffee shop where I'm sure to run into someone I know.
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