280 - Brandon White

Brandon White is a founder, podcaster and angel investor

Brandon C. White is an entrepreneur with two exits (so far) and lots of strikeouts. He's back at the plate as the Founder of File Finder.

He is also the host of EDGE podcast, bringing you an intimate glimpse into the lives of world-class peak performers who have all excelled in their field.

He is a former venture capitalist and was in management in marketing at America Online.

Twitter → twitter.com/BrandonCWhite
LinkedIn → linkedin.com/in/brandonwhite
Personal site → brandoncwhite.com

Inside Brandon's Workspace


  • The walls are insulated with Rockwool Safe'n'Sound Stone Wool Insulation
  • Over the insulation the whole studio is wrapped with Audimute Peacemaker® Sound Barrier - 3.2MM
  • Drywall sits over the Peacemaker sound barrier
  • The entire back wall behind my desk and there I record solo is covered with Audimute Strata
  • All the other walls have custom printed Audimute Acoustic Panels
  • Sliding glass doors allow for light when I’m working and not recording
  • The sliding doors have a removable Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets
  • The floor is sealed and then covered in felt, on top of that is wool carpet to dampen the sound. Under the guest recording table is a bison skin to further dampen sound.


  • Apple Studio and Mac Book Pro 16” (not pictured)
  • Monitor: LG 49WL95C-W Ultrawide Dual QHD Monitor 49" 32: 9 (5120 x1440) Curved IPS Display
  • Desk: Human Scale adjustable standing desk.
  • Chairs: Human Scale
  • Mic’s: Rode Procasters
  • Mic arms: Rode PSA1
  • Mixer: Rodcaster Pro
  • Earphones: Bose 700 and Sony MDR7506


  • Table: Custom built, reclaimed redwood from the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • Phase I sanding done by Brandon, Phase II/final and coating done by John Sewart, burned art by Helen Sewart of Coastal Wood Designs.
  • Studio outdoor sign: Custom by Coastal Wood Designs
  • Editing: Dolby Post Processing, General editing done with GarageBand, The EDGE's Professional Editor uses several other tools.
  • Remote recordings: Riverside
  • Webcam: Logitech BCC950

What is your favorite item in your workspace?

The quiet that being detached from the house offers.

How do you spark creativity?

Ride my bike. We live in Half Moon Bay, CA and I ride down Rt1. Nothing like hearing the waves while cruising down the coast or climbing hills in a red wood forest.  Amazing the things that will pop into your head 2 hrs into your ride.

How do you manage work-life balance?

I don’t. I think that’s something someone made up to market something. I’ve never met anyone that is doing or has done extraordinary things that has total “balance”. Aiming for it just creates stress. I make time to do things outside of work and spend time with my wife and family. At the same time I love what I do so it’s really never “work" in the first place.

What do you think is the main benefit of remote work?

No wasted time or stress from driving in traffic. That’s not to say in person things doesn’t have benefits. For example, doing podcasts in person is so much better vs. remote. Humans have energy in person that can’t be replicated in Zoom Google Meetings or FaceTime. The best balance from my experience is 75% remote, 25% in person.  This can be accomplished by quarterly in person get togethers a few times a year.
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