328 - Carlos Azaustre

Carlos Azaustre is a Content Creator, Software Engineer, and Associate Professor

Carlos Azaustre is a Frontend Software Engineer, Associate Professor at Universidad Europea, and Tech Content Creator from Madrid, Spain.

He has previously worked for companies like Google, IBM Research, and Eventbrite.

He is also an author after publishing a book called "Aprendiendo JavaScript," helping developers of all levels learn JavaScript.

Twitter → twitter.com/carlosazaustre
Instagram → instagram.com/carlosazaustre
YouTube → youtube.com/carlosazaustre
LinkedIn → linkedin.com/in/carlosazaustre

Inside Carlos' Workspace

Workspace Items:

PC Specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 7700X
  • 32 Gb DDR5 5200Mhz
  • 1Tb SSD M.2 NVMe
  • Nvidia Geforce RTX 4070, 12 Gb GDDR6X
  • Chase Corsair 4000D Airflow RGB

Retro Gaming Corner:

  • Nintendo 64
  • Xbox 360 + Kinect
  • PlayStation 1
  • SuperNintendo Mini


  • My 100K subscribers Youtube Silver Button
  • Microsoft MVP Award
  • My Keyboard collection (Keychron K2, Apple Magic Keyboard, Logitech MX Keys Mini)
  • A Discord Partner Figure
  • My published book about JavaScript
  • LEGO DeLorean (Also I have a LEGO Optimus Prime and a LEGO-Like Johhny Five Robot (from ShortCircuit Movie)
  • My old Gameboy Original from 1994
  • Dragon Ball Manga Collection
  • The Walking Dead Comics
  • more books

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

I think my Monitor. I can plug my PC via DisplayPort, my Macbook via Thunderbolt USB-C and my consoles, like Nintendo Switch or SNES Mini, via HDMI

How do you spark creativity?

Mostly reading, drawing and playing video games ;)

How do you manage work-life balance?

I try to separate work and leisure, but it's not always possible when a large part of your work depends on creating content on social networks and generating community.

I am gradually limiting my access to social networking apps from my cell phone, to use them only when I am in front of my laptop or PC.

What is an underrated strategy for growing on YouTube?

Well, I can't say. The algorithm works the way it wants many times. It's hard to make it "love you". I think the only "trick" is to be consistent over time and true to your own style. Little by little you will see results.
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