357 - Noelle Hoffman

Noelle Hoffman is a visual designer specialized in product design and brand identity

Noelle Hoffman is the founder of New Friend, an Austin-based independent digital product and brand studio. Some of their previous clients include IBM, Slack, and Contra (where she was previously a Senior Product Designer).

Twitter (X) → twitter.com/hellohinoelle
LinkedIn → linkedin.com/in/noellehoffman

Inside Noelle's Workspace

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

Less useful but more inspirational are the items on the shelf behind my desk. Each item has a story connected to it, and many of those objects came back with me from my travels. Sometimes, I'll walk over and study each piece, reminiscing about the memories attached to them.

How do you spark creativity?

I feel less creative when I'm stressed or overwhelmed. If I'm sitting at my desk, feeling the weight of the world, I force myself to get up and go for a walk outside, no matter how busy I am. I usually come back feeling more creative.

How do you manage work-life balance?

Time blocking has helped me stay productive during the day so I can have my nights to relax and unwind. I try to reserve Friday's for brainstorming and creative work which has been a great way to kick off the weekend. My word of advice is to take that vacation and don't feel bad doing it.
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