369 - Patrick Morgan

Patrick Morgan is a Designer and Writer living in Los Angeles, CA

Patrick Morgan is a designer and the creator of Better by Design, a newsletter sharing pragmatic strategies and tactics for designing high-leverage software.

Over the course of more than a decade, he’s helped companies like Leo Burnett, American Express, and Fastly craft category-leading brand and software designs.

Newsletter → betterbydesign.cc
Twitter (X) → twitter.com/itspatmorgan
LinkedIn → linkedin.com/in/itspatmorgan

Inside Pat's Workspace

Pat was previously featured in edition #219 of Workspaces. This is his updated workspace in 2023.

Workspace items


  • Substack - Newsletter publishing
  • Figma - Design
  • Notion - Workflow & databases
  • Super - Publishing my personal website via Notion
  • ChatGPT - Writing & coding buddy
  • Loom - Recording video tutorials
  • Readwise Reader - Saving articles for inspiration & note taking
  • YNAB - Staying on top of my finances

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

The sit/stand desk. It keeps me moving, lets me clamp on things like my speaker stands and mic arm, and provides a nice amount of space to toss extra gear besides my computer when I need it. It's not sexy, but it's a workhorse, that's for sure.

What does your typical daily routine look like?

I'm currently taking a sabbatical from client work, so right now I just try to 1) make something (design, writing, music, etc...), 2) go for a run and enjoy the Southern California outdoors, and 3) spend some time with friends. It's an intentionally chill life, for the moment.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Though I started making my own half-caff blend to make sure my habit doesn't give me the jitters.
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