393 - Luca Defreitas-Hansen

Luca Defreitas-Hansen is a founder based in Miami, FL

Luca Defreitas-Hansen is the founder of Fourth Floor, an independent web design and Webflow development studio. They specialize in marketing sites, e-commerce stores, landing pages, and CMS-based websites.

They like to say that they provide agency quality work with the personal touch of a freelancer.

Twitter (X) → twitter.com/lucadefreitash

Inside Luca's Workspace

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What is the most useful item in your workspace?

It would have to be my Macbook. I usually work a couple times a week outside of home to get out like in a coffee shop so it allows me to do what I love with a lot of flexibility.

How do you spark creativity?

By taking a break or working out.

What does your typical day look like?

7am - 12pm: I'll work on whatever projects I'm currently working on with a few coffee breaks of course

12pm - 2pm: Workout. I'll either go to the gym or on a long run. Usually average 10km on my runs

3pm: I'll eat and relax for a little

4pm-9pm: Get more work done on client projects

9pm-11pm: Sometimes I'll go play football (soccer) a few times a week at night but if not, I'll just have some dinner and relax

What excites you most about building websites with Webflow?

The ability to create anything I can think of and that no two projects are ever the same.
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