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Federico Storai is a 3D modeling designer living in the Tuscany region of Italy

Federico Storai is a 3D modeling designer and archivisual designer living in the Tuscany region of Italy.

He is currently collaborating on a permanent basis with Spinelli Architetti and also works as a freelance 3D/archivisual modeler.

He has previously worked for various architecture firms in his area.

Twitter (X) → twitter.com/storiony
LinkedIn → linkedin.com/in/federicostorai

Federico's Workspace Tour

Workspace Items


  • rhinoceros 3D
  • cinema 4D
  • Corona renderer
  • photoshop
  • autocad
  • Final Cut Pro x

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

The most useful object that accompanies me during my work is certainly my Mac mini M1 (2020), a machine that is as small as it is high-performance.

In many years of rendering, 3D modeling sessions and post-production on Photoshop I have never found such a powerful machineAnd fast during all stages of processing an image or video.

How do you spark creativity?

My creativity is stimulated by many things I have here in my home studio!

I'm a big collector of Lego and comics (mainly The Amazing Spider-Man and Lupo Alberto) and I built my own environment full of these objects that inspire me every time.

I often take a break from work and leaf through some Spiderman tables or build some small Lego sets to reset my mind.

What's the first thing you do when you sit down to work for the day?

The first thing I do when I sit down is definitely open my emails and check the backups on Time Machine (essential for having a copy of all the work done).

Obviously all this while I drink an espresso and sip some fresh water from my bottle.
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