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Easlo is a content creator and productivity expert

Jason Chin, more commonly known as Easlo, is a productivity expert and content creator with an emphasis on Notion.

Since starting at just age 19, he has now sold tens of thousands of copies of his Notion templates to students, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups. His goal with these templates is to help you organize your life without needing to spend too much time doing so.

He has gone on to build a following of over 1 million across all of his social media platforms.

Twitter (X) → x.com/heyeaslo
YouTube → youtube.com/@easlo
Instagram → instagram.com/heyeaslo
TikTok → tiktok.com/@heyeaslo

Easlo's Workspace Tour

Workspace Items

What is the most recent item that you've added to your workspace?

The most recent item I added is my Apple Magic Trackpad. I made the purchase as I've missed the trackpad on my MacBook since getting a monitor, and it definitely makes my design process much more fluid when working in apps like Figma or Framer.

How do you spark creativity?

I believe surrounding myself with both like-minded people, as well as those who are diverse and different, on social media helps spark creativity and challenge me in my work. I'm inspired by works of others in the same vibes and style I prefer while I'm also exposed to those that are not typical of my own as a reminder to not get too fixated on my own judgment and opinions.

What does your typical day look like?

My typical day starts off at 5:30 am by going to a short meditation session before a 1-1.5-hour session of deep work. This is followed by my morning routine, which includes my workout, shower, and breakfast. I'll then start a longer deep work session until lunch. After lunch, I will move towards doing lighter work and maintenance tasks. After dinner, it's my personal time or time spent with my family.

What interests you most in building for Notion?

What interests me most are the endless possibilities I get in creating my own "apps" within Notion and, more so, finding ways to relate and link things up as we should with most things in life, instead of seeing each part of your life as separate.
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