428 - Mattia Giannattasio

Mattia Giannattasio is an Italian tech creator with a passion for photography, art and design

Mattia Giannattasio (aka SirBean) is a 20-year-old student whose heart has always beat for creativity. From a young age, he was captivated by the magic of videography and photography, pouring hours into honing his craft.

"Everything changed about 2 years ago. Encouraged by a dear friend, I took a leap of faith and decided to share my creations with the world. I started small, posting my first wallpaper packs, and to my amazement, people actually bought them. That validation was like a spark, igniting a deep desire to dive headfirst into content creation.

This path hasn’t been easy, but it’s been incredibly rewarding. I've spent countless hours learning new techniques, studying the work of creators I admire, and always striving to improve.

The best part? Building a supportive community around my work and collaborating with tech companies I’ve long admired through barter arrangements. These opportunities have been thrilling and have fueled my passion even further.

Now, as a freelancer, I cherish the freedom to chart my own course. To show my dedication, I recently launched my YouTube channel, a platform that has always fascinated me. Despite the challenges and the immense effort it requires, creating YouTube videos has added a new layer of excitement and fulfillment to my journey."

Twitter (X) → x.com/_sirbean
YouTube → youtube.com/@sirbean_visuals

Mattia's Workspace Tour

Workspace Items

What is the most recent item that you've added to your workspace?

The most recent item I've added to my workspace is a green cutting pad, which I bought right after watching a video by GawxArt. Lately, I've been inspired to create something physical, blending digital and tangible products. I also wanted to add a splash of green to my desk to break up the black and walnut wood accents. It might sound odd, but spending so much time in my studio, changing up the objects around me really helps boost my creativity.

How do you spark creativity?

As I mentioned earlier, I spend a lot of time in my studio, so I draw a lot of inspiration from my surroundings. Lately, I've been trying to leave more empty moments in my schedule where I do nothing. For instance, I walk to my studio every day, completely disconnecting from my phone. These are the moments when I find new ideas. I noticed that, like many people, I used to reach for my phone whenever I had a spare moment, always seeking new stimuli. However, I discovered that it's during these downtime moments that my brain works the hardest without me even realizing it. I've also found that while I often schedule dedicated sessions to brainstorm ideas, the harder I try to come up with something on demand, the more challenging it becomes. Unfortunately, creativity isn't something that can always be planned. We need to give our brains space to work on it. This isn't just a cliché; it's the result of many experiments and daily work in the creative field.

What interests you most about photography?

I actually got into photography purely out of passion, initially taking photos of urban landscapes and architecture. This is how I entered the creative world, and all my shots are influenced by those early experiences. Because of this, I always seek a certain formal and geometric rigor in all my photos. I'm constantly on the lookout for symmetries and geometries, which I've come to naturally notice everywhere I go.
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