434 - Arthur Kim

Arthur Kim is the co-founder of Relate (YC S22)

Arthur Kim is the co-founder of Relate (YC S22) where he leads sales, product, and operations. Relate is the modern sales CRM that helps B2B startups manage customer relationships.

He is working remotely in Seoul, where he was born and raised.

Instagram → instagram.com/kimmarthur
LinkedIn → linkedin.com/in/kimmarthur

Arthur's Workspace Tour

Workspace Items


  • Relate
  • Rize
  • Akiflow
  • Obsidian
  • Arc
  • Superhuman, Slack, Zoom, Notion, etc.

What is the most recent item that you've added to your workspace?

House (😂). Recently, I moved to a new house with my partner, who has also been working at a startup where I started my career.

How do you spark creativity?

Reading and looking outside with fresh air. I recently read two books; one is about entrepreneurship, and the other is about the history of jazz.

Jazz has always inspired me, especially in my work approach. I strive to incorporate rhythm into everything I do, just as jazz musicians do with their music. While jazz may seem to repeat the same themes, it's through this repetition and dedication that true mastery is achieved. Like jazz, this process is essential for success and holds unique joy and fulfillment.

What does your typical day look like?

My typical day starts at 6 AM when I wake up and have breakfast. By around 7:30 AM, I begin my workday. At 8 AM, I have a daily scrum meeting with my team members in the US and Korea.

I focus on meetings and tasks that require deep work. In the afternoons, I often have calls or face-to-face meetings with clients. One unique aspect of working in Seoul is that most of our clients are in and around the city, so in-person meetings are frequent.

As my workday ends, I make sure to work out daily. I do F45, which is perfect for unwinding after a busy day. In the evening, I return home to have dinner with my partner. We usually spend the evening working together at the table in the living room or reading books.
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