Workspaces 005 - Amie Delisa

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Amie Delisa is an educator at Makerpad, a service that teaches and helps you build custom software without code. Makerpad is considered a leader in the no-code movement that has been gaining popularity. They currently offer 100+ hours of lessons and 150+ tutorials and workshops to help you build your ideas without code.

Inside Amie’s Workspace

  • Live edge wood desk that was hand picked from a lumber yard

  • iMac

  • Magic keyboard & mouse

  • Lamp with built in USB slots

  • For filming tutorials I have a mount, mount arm, and air light from Elgato

  • Sony a6000 for video

  • Yeti mic for audio

  • Passport external hard drive

  • Notepad

  • Dammit doll (for stressful moments)

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