Workspaces is on Product Hunt! And other milestones...

Product Hunt, 100 editions, 2600+ subscribers

Hi! Apologies for the unexpected mid-week Workspaces email but I wanted to personally let you know that Workspaces in on Product Hunt today!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here for this little newsletter. Let’s take a look at each of the milestones that all came together to make this the most exciting and motivating week for myself and Workspaces.

Product Hunt 😸

As mentioned above, Workspaces is featured on Product Hunt today. Want to support me/Workspaces? Head on over and let the community know which workspace has been your favorite to date!

Workspaces on Product Hunt

100 Editions 🎉

Workspaces also published the 100th edition of this newsletter this past weekend (and had a pretty awesome giveaway thanks to the folks at Ugmonk). That’s an inside look at 100 amazing spaces from the creator community. I can only hope that the next 100 editions are just as inspiring as the first 100.

Here’s the workspace that started it all → Shivkanth Bagavathy

2,600+ Subscribers 💃

Seven days ago I tweeted that this tiny little side project crossed the 2,500 subscriber milestone. One week later and it has now surpassed 2,600 as well. Thank you to each and every one of you for subscribing, sharing, participating, and reading this newsletter each week.

That’s it for milestones (for now)! Thank you for being a continued supporter of Workspaces and be sure to check us out on Product Hunt today!

-Ryan (@rjgilbert)