026 - Nick Abouzeid

Nick Abouzeid is the Head of Marketing at MainStreet

Nick Abouzeid is the Head of Marketing at MainStreet. MainStreet helps startups find tax credits & incentives they've never heard of in less than 20 minutes, the average co gets $51,020.

You can find out if the IRS owes your startup a check here: mainstreet.us/workspaces (he set us up with a custom discount and priority onboarding)

Prior to working at MainStreet he filled various roles at Product Hunt, Angel List and Shrug Capital.


  • MacBook Pro 15"
  • Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415
  • Shrug 2020 Calendar
  • Pokemon & Superplastic Collection
  • 1983 Porsche LeMans Poster


  • Pen & the backs of Shrug cal days for notes
  • Superhuman for email
  • Command E for search
  • Scratchpad for his CRM
  • Slack for chat (despite his best efforts)

Please let Nick know what you think about his workspace and ask him about MainStreet: twitter.com/nickabouzeid

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