054 - Chris Maddern

Chris Maddern is the co-founder of Button

Chris Maddern is the co-founder of Button, a better way to do business on mobile. Button’s commerce platform powers mobile business growth for brands and publishers, while offering consumers more enjoyable experiences.

Prior to co-founding Button, Chris led mobile engineering at Venmo.


  • 2019 15” MBP — i7 w/ 32GB of RAM
  • 27” LG 4K USB-C Monitor
  • iPhone 11 Pro as a webcam through Camo Studio
  • Blue Yeticaster microphone
  • iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard for focused writing time
  • AirPods Pro and Bose 700s for when those inevitably stop working

Make sure you let Chris know what you think about his festive workspace: twitter.com/chrismaddern 🎄

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