394 - Sean Woolsey

Sean Woolsey is an Artist, Maker, and Craftsman from California

Sean Woolsey is the founder and craftsman behind Sean Woolsey Studio, where they make luxury handcrafted furniture. In a world that is trending towards mass market production that skimps on quality, their pieces are designed and crafted to last many generations.

Sean got his start in apparel design but after 8 years decided to take the plunge into furniture building and woodworking.

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Instagram → instagram.com/seanwoolseystudio

Inside Sean's Workspace

Workspace Items

  • Woolsey Walnut Smart Desk
  • Woolsey Walnut Monitor Stand
  • Custom made walnut speakers (made these few years ago)
  • Macbook Pro (2023 16")
  • AirPods Pro
  • Calculator
  • Inspiration wall with Autodidact Chair (one we make) for thinking
  • Magic Mouse
  • Vintage stool
  • Brother Printer
  • Fujifilm XT-3 (on shelf)
  • Figured Maple bowl with plant (on shelf)
  • Hive Notebook (love this)
  • Maple tape dispenser (made a while ago a few of these)
  • Brass Pen (from a metal vendor we work with)
  • Adjustable height drafting table with cutting mat on top (my analog workstation)
  • Various marking, measuring, pens and pencils for drafting.
  • White Oak accessory organizer


  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator the most)
  • I live off of Notes and Google Drive
  • S‍ketchup
  • Spotify (music and podcasts are a must)
  • I can sleep inside Pinterest. One of the best places to get inspired.

Some keys in my life

Running, tennis, biking, surfing, swimming, camping, traveling, good food & good coffee! I work out in some way every morning before work, which is crucial for the start of a good day for me.

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

My iPhone for sure if I had to just have one thing. I can work from anywhere with it and the camera is great.

How do you spark creativity?

I am inspired the most when I am not in the studio. I do a lot of surfing, trail running, yoga and breathwork/icebaths. Literally most of my groundbreaking ideas come from these places, when my mind is more at peace, seperated from all the things I have to do.  

How do you manage work-life balance?

My life is very intertwined as a business owner, but doing what I love everyday makes most of what I do not feel like work. I genuinely still love what I do, and the team that we have, after 13 years of doing this. 7 years ago I made the decision to never work on weekends anymore now that I have a kid. Checking email and social media much less is a goal for me in 2024. I want to touch my phone less and read and create physical things more.
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