067 - Tim Van Damme

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Tim Van Damme is a Software Designer at Gowalla. He was previously at companies like Abstract, Dropbox, and Instagram,

He’s also currently working on MVKB, a new side project for all of his mechanical keyboard and keycap related ideas and products!

Inside Tim’s Workspace


  • Sony A7RIII camera (with a 1.8/35mm lens) for webcam

  • Old Rode Podcaster as a mic

  • LG 5k monitor

  • IKEA standing desk

  • Herman Miller Aeron stool (taller than a regular chair, helps with posture)

  • Dog bed, he’s always in my office while I work

  • Keyboard collection

  • Keyboard switches

  • Variety of artwork from indie artists or friends

  • Drawings from the kids

  • 2 Apple Homepods (RIP)

Fun tidbits:

  • Home office for which I’ve been collecting things over the past 10 years while we lived in the US

  • Lots of old startup swag to be seen (Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Abstract, even old Gowalla!)

  • Windows behind me look out on the backyard, with a live-feed of the front on a TV next to me (basically an extra window to see when packages are being delivered).

  • I start work at 7pm every day, so work in the dark mostly, hence all the colorful lights you see, they give the night some color.

Make sure to let Tim know what you think about his workspace and recent keycap designs! twitter.com/maxvoltar

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