259 - Aaron Bielert

Aaron Bielert is the Network President & Founder of Sparkk TV

Aaron Bielert is the Network President & Founder of Sparkk TV.

One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that he works on the network as a sole person with no one else and does everything from trailers, promotion of shows, movies and even building the website and testing new features.

He takes a lot of pride in his work because others must trust him with their works of shows & films and his job is to help bring their creative work to a new or larger audience.

Twitter → twitter.com/ABielert


What is your favorite item in your workspace?

My MacBook because without it I wouldn’t be able to do the work that I do, I couldn’t create videos and/or our website, test new features and more… It is what I call the brain-child of my set-up.

How do you spark creativity?

I like a solid workflow and stay within the Apple eco-system. I use Notes & Reminders almost every minute of my day which helps keep my flow going. I like my setup to keep my brain peaceful.

And as soon as I get an idea for our site, I always go right to Mamp to test it before anything hits our live site.

How do you manage work-life balance?

Very easily, the best thing is to never rush and get thing right. When someone submits us a series or movie they would like us to air or feature on Sparkk TV, I set the premiere date ahead in the future in order to give time to promote and do things the right way so I am not rushing or feel rushed.

Another key thing is to work for a few hours and then take a break. I have my PS4 hooked up in my living room so I go out there and disconnect myself from my workspace for an hour or so between doing work.

One mistake many people make in my opinion is also having different to-do apps, I use Apple Reminders for both Personal & Work. This way my life is blended and I have a good mix and how much time I can spend on personal & on business in each day.
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