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Kevin Twohy is a Product Designer and Strategist from California

Kevin Twohy is a the Founder and Principal of Twohy Design Works, a zero-to-one product design and strategy consultancy where he helps build and scale early-stage companies.

He first started as an independent designer 10+ years ago and has now worked with clients like The New York Times, Vice, Mirror, FitBit, Everlane, Sony, Shutterfly, and more.

Twitter (X) → twitter.com/kevintwohy

Kevin's Workspace Tour

Workspace Items

What is the most recent item that you've added to your workspace?

I am not a "headphone guy" and avoided getting AirPods Max for years – I finally gave them a shot and I couldn't believe how much I had been distracted by subtle background noise. I didn't realize. I love working in an "indoor/outdoor" space but also now appreciate the focus turbocharge from brief stints in complete silence.

How do you spark creativity?

Long walks with my 2 year old, everything he notices and all the beautiful verbal/visual connections he makes

Increasingly rare now but anywhere with a great magazine selection – always sparked by type/graphic layouts in print. When we were in NY I eagerly awaited the New York Art Book Fair.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and try mostly to venture outside of my area of expertise and listen to experts in e.g. photography, film, architecture, culinary and I can't believe it's all free.

What does your typical day look like?

Early morning: breakfast and getting ready for school with toddler/baby and my wife, take older kid to school

Get back to office and start work around 10am

If it's Tuesday or Thursday, I have client meetings and get admin/comms work done. If it's Monday, Wednesday, or Friday I have dedicated work time and no meetings.

Most days I get out to exercise in the afternoon, and then come back to wrap up work

Head to pick up kid from school at 5pm

What considerations went into building out your workspace?

Ever since I decided to build a long-term independent creative business, I knew I needed a dedicated space. We ended up renovating an existing structure on this property to suit my needs – it's the perfect blend of separate/private but also integrated with our family life.
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