311 - Sayed Essam

Sayed Essam is a multidisciplinary product designer focused on creating memorable digital experiences

Sayed Essam (Syd) is a product designer focused on creating. Born and raised in Egypt, he knew that design was his passion from an early age.

He is currently a Senior Product Designer at MoneyHash and is also mentoring other designers adplist.org.

Twitter → twitter.com/sydxcix

Inside Syd's Workspace

Desk Items:

Next to the desk:

  • 2 Pegboards from IKEA that I painted black and hanged all my other tech gadgets and photography needs.

Above the desk:

  • A big shelf to host all my camera and model cars collections along with some posters.

Behind the desk:

  • Coffee corner that hosts all the tools and needs for making coffee.
  • I live in a small apartment so I had to optimize all my work needs into a small accessible space.


  • Figma for everything work related and sometimes more (I made my wedding invitation on Figma!)
  • Cron for calendar
  • Arc browser lately
  • Spotify for music since 2014
  • Lightroom for photo editing
  • Semplice for portfolio and website
  • Final Cut Pro for video editing

What is your favorite item in your workspace?

My Macintosh-style watch charger stand, I’ve searched for a stand for it for 3 years and none looked good or functioned as I wanted it to, till I found this stand which turns the watch into nightstand mode and I can glance at it for the clock and looks like a little retro Macintosh on my desk.

What do you think is the main benefit of remote work?

I think remote work enabled a lot of people (beside giving back a lot of commute time back to them) to do different stuff beside their work that they wouldn’t normally do. Like ever since Covid and I have started to take care of my desk setup and improve it one by one till I reached this setup, and actually started to make content with (and planning to, so this is a sneak peak).

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