070 - Alex Wilhelm

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Alex Wilhelm is Senior Editor at TechCrunch. He also co-hosts the Equity Podcast, TechCrunch’s podcast covering all things venture capital. Equity was a 2021 Webby award winner for best technology podcast.

He was previously Editor in Chief at Crunchbase News and also held roles at The Next Web and Mattermark.

Inside Alex’s Workspace


  • Macbook Pro 

  • Huge external monitor, but not super high-res so text is somewhat large on it (it's some sort of LG that I bought offline)

  • External Canon EOS Rebel T7 for high-fidelity video when needed 

  • Podcast-grade audio setup, but nothing uber-fancy

  • Mac external keyboard (wireless) and touchpad (wireless), gaming mouse from Razor

  • Two phones - one personal, one work (out of shot, charging off of my gaming PC that you can't see in these)

  • Day bed (key for naps), currently lacking its cover as our puppy had an accident on it (during a work call no less!)

  • Stack of poker chips for shuffling when I get stuck in a work task

  • Pens/paper for notes

  • Apple Watch in case I work out

  • Various liquids with differing caffeine levels

  • Some sort of ergo-friendly chair that I bought online

  • Books, which are my friends and provide good sound dampening

Let Alex know what you think about his massive bookshelf: twitter.com/alex 📚

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-Ryan (@rjgilbert)