084 - Victoria Leontieva

Victoria Leontieva works on Design Systems at Microsoft

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Ryan (@rjgilbert)

Victoria Leontieva works on Design Systems at Microsoft.

She has started to share some of her work on Figma Community for others to benefit from and it is absolutely amazing → figma.com/@killnicole

Inside Victoria’s Workspace


  • 15-inch MacBook Pro (2018)

  • Apple Thunderbolt Display (2011; which they discontinued in 2016, so that's a relic)

  • Apple keyboard and a touchpad

  • On special occasions, a Cam Link and my Fujifilm X-T30 and a 23mm lens for video calls


  • Lightroom for iPad, which changed entirely how I work with and process photography

A few words about my setup: I don't have fancy hardware, but I compensate with a standing desk (Jarvis), and an ergonomic chair (Capisco). I have never had a home office prior to the pandemic, and I had to make do with whatever little I had for a while. Now that I have a fully remote job, I have a more comfortable setup for working from home!

Let Victoria know what you think about her workspace as well as her contributions to the Figma community 👉 twitter.com/killnicole

If you’re interested in upgrading your workspace - join the growing community here! (we will be chatting in the #workspaces channel discussing everything from keyboards, art, software, etc. Come say hi!)

-Ryan (@rjgilbert)