084 - Victoria Leontieva

Victoria Leontieva works on Design Systems at Microsoft

Victoria Leontieva works on Design Systems at Microsoft.

She has started to share some of her work on Figma Community for others to benefit from and it is absolutely amazing → figma.com/@killnicole


  • 15-inch MacBook Pro (2018)
  • Apple Thunderbolt Display (2011; which they discontinued in 2016, so that's a relic)
  • Apple keyboard and a touchpad
  • On special occasions, a Cam Link and my Fujifilm X-T30 and a 23mm lens for video calls


  • Lightroom for iPad, which changed entirely how I work with and process photography
A few words about my setup: I don't have fancy hardware, but I compensate with a standing desk (Jarvis), and an ergonomic chair (Capisco). I have never had a home office prior to the pandemic, and I had to make do with whatever little I had for a while. Now that I have a fully remote job, I have a more comfortable setup for working from home!

Let Victoria know what you think about her workspace as well as her contributions to the Figma community 👉 twitter.com/killnicole

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