225 - Charlota Blunárová

Charlota Blunárová is an independent designer and co-founder of WE3

Charlota Blunárová is an independent designer helping ambitious teams design impactful products & memorable brands.

She is also the co-founder of WE3, a design collective helping web3 teams to build magical products, protocols and platforms.

She has spent the last 10 years between product and brand design and was recently a design lead at IDEO.

Twitter → twitter.com/0xCharlota


  • MacBook Pro
  • Blue Yeti external mic
  • Apple Magic Trackpad
  • Logitech MX vertical mouse - that literally saved my wrist!
  • External monitor DELL UltraSharp U2720Q
  • Airpods Pro
  • HAG Capisco Puls - I was looking for a chair that isn't bulky and in black which most of the office chairs are. This one is subtle, modern and comfortable, a bit more premium yet not crazy expensive.
  • Rains laptop cover - great for occasional travel

What is your favourite item in your workspace?

Huge cacti that I bought in IKEA four years ago, and it grew gigantic!

Candles are my obsession; from September to April, I light them during the day in my home office. Makes me feel cosy, and I love the scent.

Kettlebells - I keep them visible in my home office, so I have no excuse for a quick workout during the day. Balances off the sofa for quick naps.

I keep the wall behind my screen empty and white, so I don't get subconsciously influenced when I design. But then I keep a gallery on the wall behind me full of colours and artwork, especially when I'm on the calls; it creates a great backdrop!

How do you spark creativity?

I have a pinboard made from felt tiles from FeltRight, a space to pin inspirational images. I have a mini library in the home office and a huge library in the living room where I browse when I feel stuck and uninspired.

How do you manage work-life balance?

I eat lunch daily with my husband who also works from home, and sometimes our siblings come over for lunch. I reserve focus hours in my calendar to get the most meaningful work done for the day in uninterrupted sessions. Using Around for video calls with our team at We3 really improved the time spent on calls.
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