251 - Charles Patterson

Charles Patterson is a Senior Staff Product Designer from London

Charles Patterson is a Senior Staff Product Designer from London. He is also an advisor of Current, the work-in-progress platform for your entire team.

He has previously worked with companies like InVision, Spotify, Nike, Samsung, Warner Music & Microsoft.

He was previously featured in edition 179 of Workspaces.

Twitter → twitter.com/CharlesPattson


  • Desk: Ikea electric rising desk
  • Desk riser: Oakywood
  • Headphone stand: Amazon headphone stand
    Desk mat: Amazon felt desk mat
  • Keyboard / mouse / track pad: all Apple (need to get myself some ergonomic gear!)
  • Monitor: Apple Studio display nano-textured glass with adjustable stand
  • Machine: Mac Mini M1
  • Desk lamp: Ikea
  • Desk chair: Ikea MARKUS

What are you thinking about or optimizing for when you redesign your workspace?

Clean workspace, clear mind. All the things on my desk are there for me to get going with the work I need to do. Nothing more, nothing less (except a few plants for some clean o2 and nature vibes).

What design trends are you currently interested in?

Visual trends are unimportant, they come and go. It’s the trends around process and best practices that you need to focus on and pay attention to.

What do you think is the main benefit of remote work?

The key is in the name. Remote means being able to work anywhere you want. To me that is the most priceless gift you can have. I haven’t set an alarm to wake up to catch my morning commute in almost a decade. That is maybe one of the biggest quality of life improvements you can give yourself. I was able to see the world and work at the same time. Can’t do that with an office job. If you aspire to grind away in the office every day, you do you. I’d rather be free to roaming. Free range eggs are way better than eggs from a caged hen. I choose to not be in a cage.
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