252 - Jack Raines

Jack Raines is the writer of a finance blog called Young Money and an MBA candidate at Columbia Business School

Jack Raines is the writer of a finance blog called Young Money, which 31,000 people read twice weekly.

He also edits Litquidity's daily finance newsletter, Exec Sum.

He does all of this while being an MBA candidate at Columbia Business School.

Fun facts: He's been deported from Norway, learned how to salsa dance in Argentina, and almost got kicked out of business school for a satirical LinkedIn post.


What is your favorite item in your workspace?

My Xebec. It's portable and triples my screen size.

How do you spark creativity?

I've never sparked creativity, it sparks me. Creativity usually hits when I'm in the gym, or on the subway, or at a dive bar at 1 AM. When it does hit, I text myself a few blurbs to review later when I'm by my computer.

How do you manage work-life balance?

The best way to manage work-life balance is work on stuff that you don't feel the need to balance.

What does your typical writing process look like?

I sit down, write for 15 minutes, hop on Twitter to look for a tweet that I want to reference, procrastinate on Twitter for 20 minutes, throw my phone on my bed, close Twitter, grind on the newsletter some more.
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