262 - Luke Beard

Luke Beard is a Product Builder and Photographer from Atlanta, GA

Luke Beard is the CEO and designer at Any Distance, a privacy-focused Activity Tracking app. As you complete new activities you will earn rewards and special access to some of their amazing limited-edition products in their store.

On the origin of Any Distance and what it truly means:

Any Distance counts is a response to the (to put it lightly) level of inactivity exposed not only during the pandemic, and rather existing as an ongoing crisis. The verdict is in and the studies have been reviewed. Movement can help everyone.

He is also the founder of Exposure, the visual storytelling platform made simple and beautiful. He has recently moved into an Advisor role.

Twitter → twitter.com/LukesBeard

Inside Luke's Workspace


Special plugs:

  • Burrow, they gave us all the furniture. I'll be giving them the same photos.
  • Switchyards, where our office is located, cool ATL company and mates.
  • Mattew Evans, did the mural painting of our logo.
  • Our store and app (trackable link for us).
  • Level Frames, gave us some frames.

What are your long term goals for Any Distance?

To become the home for the avidly active community and motivate those looking to be more active. I want to build a manta that grows beyond software. Any Distance counts, much like just do it.  

How do you spark creativity?

Very much inline with our mission, going outside for a walk or run often kicks the spark off. I often find myself connecting the dots for a creative problem when not thinking about it too. That might just mean calling a friend or watching a youtube video on how the Manned Space Center was built.

How do you manage work-life balance?

I prioritize meetingless time so that manages the majority of my balance by letting me keep the small things in check. Death by a thousand cuts (tiny tasks) is how you lose your mind imo.

Being able to get into flow work earlier helps me get to life sooner too. That being said, I'm having the most fun I've ever had right now (and the most challenging), so it barely feels like work.

What does your daily routine look like?

Office by 10am, typically leave around 5:30-6. Thankfully my small and star player team has a high bar of self sufficiency. Once we know what we are doing we are off to the races. Right now I'm deep on alot of product design to support our biggest push so far.
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