284 - Mine Canan Göldaf

Mine Canan Göldaf is a Content Creator at Canva for Türkiye Community

Mine Canan Göldaf is a Content Creator at Canva for Türkiye Community where she designs minimal and easy-to-edit free Canva templates.

She began working as a freelancer in January 2022, after she left the agency where she was the Social Media Manager.

Twitter → twitter.com/MineCanan
Behance → behance.net/minecanan
Pexels → pexels.com/tr-tr/@minecanan

Inside Mine's Workspace



  • I use Slack to keep in touch with my fellow creators in the community.
  • I use Notion to put together my digital notes.
  • Of course, I make my editable and professional designs with Canva
  • At the same time, I prefer CapCut to easily edit my reels videos.
  • My preferences for photo editing: VSCO, Tezza & Dazz Cam
  • I love following up-to-date articles about design on Medium.
  • I love drawing in Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. I’m preparing my components for Canva.
  • I can sleep inside Pinterest. One of the best places to get inspired.
  • My favorite right now for quality photos and images: Rawpixel.com

Some keys in her life: 

Decoration, DIY, music, painting, art, drawing, watercolor, blogging, photography, travel, camping, nature, pets, music, festivals, Formula 1, my plants & good coffee!

  • Even though I’m known as a very social, extrovert, funny, talkative person by my environment, I’m an introvert in the true sense.
  • The best thing for me is to be able to easily reflect my whole point of view and vision on my designs and to see my designs are appreciated!
  • Everything can be an inspiration for me. I’m mostly inspired by art movements, architecture & decoration.
  • I have a love for Italy.
  • I can paint anything.
  • I'm good at DIY projects.
  • Even though my job is digital, I still love notebooks and writing! My Canva notebook and others are therefore always with me.
  • I use calming wallpapers on my computer screen to give me comfort. I will definitely add the lucky numbers.

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

The most useful item in my workspace is my computer. As a Content Creator; I rely heavily on my computer to complete my work. I use it for everything from designing graphics to editing photos. Additionally, I have a second monitor that I find very helpful for multitasking and increasing my productivity. Without my computer, I wouldn't be able to do my job, so it's definitely the most essential item in my workspace.

How do you spark creativity?

I spark creativity by being open to inspiration from various sources such as art movements, architecture, decoration, and even everyday life experiences. I try to observe my surroundings and pay attention to details that might inspire me. Also, I love experimenting with different mediums like painting, drawing, and watercolor to explore new creative possibilities. If I'm not feeling creative that day; find it helpful to take breaks and engage in activities that I enjoy, like listening to music, going on a walk.

How do you manage work-life balance?

For me, managing work-life balance is essential for maintaining my productivity and overall well-being. As a freelancer, I try to establish a routine that allows me to work efficiently during the day and have some free time in the evenings to do the things I enjoy. I set clear boundaries between work and personal time, and I try to avoid working on weekends. I find it helpful to prioritize my tasks and plan my schedule in advance, so I know what to expect each day. Additionally, I make sure to take breaks throughout the day and engage in activities that help me relax and recharge, such as walking or reading a book.

What do you think is the main benefit of remote work?

Every day I work in the office; I knew that one day we would continue as freelancer. I believe the main benefit of remote work is the flexibility and freedom it offers. Remote work eliminates the need for commuting and allows you to work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

My next goal: to work remotely from the countries I travel to, staying for a long time while traveling. Although I live in the city, I love nature life and I am very excited to work from our village house, which is currently under construction, and I am counting the days!
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