324 - Aaron Gilmore

Aaron Gilmore is a designer and developer based in Ireland

Aaron Gilmore is working remotely designing and building digital products. He is currently a Product Designer at A Color Bright, where they create products, brands, and content to push things forward.

Twitter → twitter.com/aarondgilmore

Inside Aaron's Workspace



  • 1Password
  • Apple Music
  • Are.na
  • ColorSnapper2
  • Deckset
  • Figma
  • Hand Mirror
  • iTerm
  • Loom
  • Reeder
  • RightFont 5
  • Safari
  • Slack
  • VSCode
  • Zoom

What is your favourite item in your workspace?

All the art made by my friends; I have some nice ceramic vessels and other pieces that sit on my desk.

How do you spark creativity?

Usually by getting away from the computer; attending lectures, going to art galleries, having a few pints with someone who also works in a creative discipline.

How do you keep the work-life balance with so many projects going on at once?

Sticking to a set schedule and planning my days well. I’ve never really had an issue with work-life balance and I think sometimes it’s OK if the two intertwine.
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