268 - Sebastian Curi

Sebastian Curi is an Artist, Illustrator & Animator based in Los Angeles, CA

Sebastian Curi is an Artist, Illustrator & Animator based in Los Angeles, CA. His bright and bold style of work reflects his training as an animator and graphic designer.

His work has been highlighted by brands like Apple, TOMS, Venmo, The New York Times, Nike, Warby Parker, Uber, Lululemon and many others.

Instagram → instagram.com/sebacuri
Twitter → twitter.com/sebacuri

Inside Sebastian's Workspace

What is your favorite item in your workspace?

I love two Alvar Aalto tables that we have right next to our desks in the studio.

They are too old to use as work tables but as side tables they are perfect. I use books as references quite often and we just put paper, pencils, plants, zines, and whatever stuff we are using at the moment.

How do you spark creativity?

The more I work I feel creativity comes with the work.

You understand more if you work more. You get deeper and get to explore different angles of the same idea.

And things change with time. The same artwork with fresh eyes can give you a totally diferent vibe, idea, tone or emotion even.

How do you manage work-life balance?

I run a small studio with my wife where we take only the projects we want/need. Personal projects are king and exploration drives whatever we are doing commercially nowadays. We cook at home for lunch/dinner at take coffee breaks to create spaces of leisure without being too disruptive with work. We have a sausage dog that makes us smile all day and we exercise three times a week.

Are there any artists that you looked up to or drew inspiration from when getting your start?

I still look up to artists to draw inspiration. David Hockney's books are amazing. Milton Glaser, Seymout Schwartz and all Push Pin Studio's work is spectacular. Right now I'm very drawn to Nina Channel Abney's work and Alex Katz paintings. There is always something exciting to look up.
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