344 - Peter Edebeatu

Peter Edebeatu is a Product Designer based in Nigeria

Peter Edebeatu is a Product Designer building on the internet with nearly five years of hands-on experience in both agency and startup environments.

He is currently working at MyDoge, a free and secure self-custodial Dogecoin wallet.

He is also currently building Audix, a consumer protection tool for Web3 users.

Twitter (X) → twitter.com/ui_peterr

Inside Peter's Workspace

Workspace Items:

  • 2020 MacBook Pro (13 in)
  • HP 27F (27 in) Monitor
  • iPad Pro (11 in) with Pencil
  • AirPods Pro
  • Logitech 4k Webcam
  • Led light Diffuser 
  • Mini Alarm Clock
  • Sticky notes
  • 55-inch Ring Light
  • Three-in-one wireless charger
  • Palm tree Live plant
  • Daily Journal Diary

What's the most useful item in your workspace?

Has to be my Mac, I just love the size and that’s why I haven’t really thought of upgrading, it’s very sleek and doesn’t take up too much space on my table. Also, it’s the powerhouse of my productivity.

How do you spark creativity?

Well, it just depends on what I’m trying to get done, sometimes I just scroll through some nice inspiration, other times I just play some video game and come back to it, funny thing is I tend to get more inspired when I’m not trying to. 

How do you manage work-life balance?

I work remotely, so that makes it quite easy for me, I can work from anywhere even while I’m traveling. But I make sure to keep my team in the loop with proper communication as to what I’m working on. And one thing that has helped me manage my time better is just making a list of things to be done. I try to not overwork and also set realistic deadlines for myself.

What interests you the most about dogecoin?

Well honestly speaking, nothing much about the coin and more about the community, it feels like a family in there, and I just love the positive energy and overall vibes I get from there.
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