297 - Vimalan Vijayasekaran

Vimalan Vijayasekaran is the founder of a Webflow agency & product studio

Vimalan Vijayasekaran is the founder of ViDesigns, the leading Webflow agency and product studio based in the UK.

He is also building Formly, making multi-step forms on Webflow easy.

Inside Vimalan's Workspace(s)

Main Setup:

  • Desk - Fully Jarvis Bamboo
  • Laptop - MBP M1 Pro 16"
  • Monitor - Samsung smart monitor 32"

On-The-Go Setup:

  • M1 iPad Pro 11"
  • Magic Keyboard case
  • Airpods Pro

What is your favorite item in your workspace?

My standing desk and AirPods!

How do you spark creativity?

Cliched but walking (without music/podcast) is where my most interesting ideas come from.

Also, talking to myself. Just explaining the issue to myself almost always leads to a solution.

How do you manage work-life balance?

I fill my weekends chores, cooking and go out with my partner and friends.

A hard deadline everyday at 5/6pm where I stop checking Slack and emails and go do something else.
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