318 - Michael Luchen

Michael Luchen is the Director of Product at Float.com

Michael Luchen is the Director of Product at Float, the #1 rated tool to plan capacity and schedule project work. He is currently working remotely from Washington, D.C.

He previously led product management at Crema, where he helped startups and enterprises craft transformational products.

Twitter → twitter.com/mluchen
LinkedIn → linkedin.com/in/mluchen

Inside Michael's Workspace



What is your favorite item in your workspace?

I’d have to go with my AirPods Max. They feel and work great for extended work sessions, particularly with their long battery life. Previously, I’d use AirPods Pro for work, but I’d regularly find myself distracted by battery anxiety. They also have phenomenal sound quality; it’s incredible to find a great Dolby Atmos track to experience with them. While I mostly use these with Spotify, I’ll sometimes open Apple Music just to max the experience with them.

How do you spark creativity?

I value mindful simplicity and focus in my approach to work and life. However, I’ve also learned over time that left unchecked, too much of a focus on simplicity could stifle creative possibilities; it’s like putting blinders on. This is why I regularly experiment with new technologies to expand my thinking and spark new ideas. I keep items like the Meta Quest 2 near my desk as a reminder to stay curious and open-minded. By exploring new possibilities, I can bring fresh perspectives to my work and ultimately be more effective.

How do you manage work-life balance?

I prioritize both work and family and aim to be fully present in both. To achieve this, I rely on time blocking and automating notification settings to enforce those time blocks where possible. During my work time blocks, I tend to focus intensely, maximizing those hours which helps me be more present when I’m with my family. Despite the help the structure provides, I sometimes find my mind often still running after work. I’m experimenting with improving that by integrating some buffer time between work and family.

What do you think is the main benefit of remote work?

Remote work can cultivate and maximize the collective brainpower of a team. When you work remote, everyone is on a fairly even playing field. It’s the difference between creative problem solving in a room where the loudest voice often wins vs. empowering each team member to contribute in what way makes sense for them, such as a written message, a sketch on a digital whiteboard, or a Loom. Some of this is dependent on company culture and tools, but in general, I’ve observed vastly more contributions from teams when they’re working with a remote-first mindset.
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