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Karlie Place is a full-time travel creator based in Salt Lake City

Karlie Place has spent the past two years documenting and sharing her travels as a Salt Lake City based travel creator, photographer, and influencer.

Her unique storytelling has formed a dedicated audience who are not only interested in her travels but also her photography tips and tricks that help others tell similar stories through their own eyes.

She has grown her audience to over 1.1 million on TikTok and nearly 100,000 on Instagram and has collaborated with top brand like Disney, Adobe, Sony and many more.

TikTok → tiktok.com/@karlieplace
Instagram → instagram.com/karlieplace
YouTube → youtube.com/@karlieplace

Inside Karlie's Workspace

Amazing space, right? Lucky for us, she documented the entire design process!


Blog Teardown:

Workspace Items:

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

This doesn't exactly answer your question but I find my Amex Business Platinum Card to be the most beneficial thing to curating my dream workspace. It comes with a $200/semi-annual credit to Dell.com. In January I got my monitor basically for free. Then in July, I used the credit again to get the Philip Hue Monitor lights that sync up with the color on my computer also for free! This card notoriously has one of the highest annual fees but the benefits have already been paid for themselves x5 times already.

How do you decide which locations to travel to?

I am at a point in my business where the majority of my travels are part of a larger creative campaign and sponsored by my clients. I often get the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible clients like Norwegian Cruise Line, The Accor Group, and various tourism boards. My travel plans are entirely based on the projects I land! I will put a lot of effort into pitching to brands and locations that are on my bucket list. As someone who is part of the Gig Economy, I am so grateful for the fact that my creative skills have been the key to exploring the world.

If you had to rebuild your audience from zero, which platform would you focus on?

TikTok! My favorite thing about the platform is that everyone has an equal opportunity to go viral every time they decide to share something! The users of TikTok tends to spill over into other aspects of my online presence too which has increased the selling power of my accounts making me more valuable to client work. If I have a viral video on TikTok, I typically also see growth on IG, YouTube, and my blog too.
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