199 - Thor Schroeder

Thor Schroeder is a Digital Ops Consultant and a Certified Notion Consultant

Thor Schroeder is a Digital Ops Consultant and a Certified Notion Consultant. As a Digital Ops Consultant he builds carefully architected systems in Notion, Google Workplace, Slack, etc.

He's also a storyteller and maker.

This is his second feature on Workspaces. You can view his first one here.

Twitter → twitter.com/thorms11


  • Fully Remi Sit-stand desk
  • Apple Studio Display - tilt and height adjustable
  • MacBook Pro 13” M1
  • iPad Pro 11” 2020 w/ Apple Pencil & Smart folio cover
  • AirPods Max - space gray
  • Apple Magic keyboard and mouse
  • Twelve South book Arc
  • Elgato Master mount
  • Voltrox Key light
  • HAG Capisco Chair

What do you enjoy most about remote work?

Being able to live a life that feels focused around living, rather than working.

What do you find most channeling with remote work?

Meeting people. I am new to Portland, OR. It has been hard to meet people in person without the social construct of an in office job.

What is your favorite item in your workspace?

Apple Studio Display. It’s a very recent addition, but I am seeing huge benefits in the purchase already. My eyes feel less strained, the color reproduction is great for photo and video editing, and having less wires and hardware on my desk makes it feel peaceful. Yes, it is on the expensive side, but I see it as a long term investment.

How do you spark creativity?

By focusing on creative tasks when my mind is best suited for it. I am most creative first thing in the morning or late at night. Also, separating administrative tasks from creative tasks. Generally with an activity, such as a walk or working out.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I start every morning with a walk with my wife. I log onto Slack around 8:30. I usually have my meetings early, due to most of my team and clients living in Europe. I then do my focus work after lunch. Then admin work towards the end of my day. I am a consultant, so my day can be a mix of freelance or agency work. I then workout in the evening, around 6 pm. My day is usually finished with a little TV and reading.
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