349 - Linus Ekenstam

Linus Ekenstam is a Product Designer and Entrepreneur living in the Barcelona, Spain

Linus Ekenstam is a Product Designer that is currently working on a handful of AI-related projects.

He is currently working on Bedtimestory.ai and Inside My Head.

Bedtimestory.ai allows you to create personalized, instant bedtime stories in seconds.

Inside my Head is his weekly newsletter where he explores the world of AI Technology, Design, and building digital products while navigating life as a dad. It is now read by over 15,000+ subscribers.

He is in the forefront of the AI space and is also working on an ebook that will teach you how to leverage Midjourney to create realistic AI photography.

Twitter (X) → twitter.com/LinusEkenstam
YouTube → youtube.com/linusekenstam
Weekly Newsletter → linusekenstam.substack.com

Inside Linus' Workspace

Workspace Setup

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

I think the most useful item is the computer itself. I'm sporting an Apple M1 Max with 64GB ram, it never breaks a sweat. I'd say second to that is the light. My office is just a very bright space in general, I got 4 large windows facing south directly out into our green garden. So between the two the computer wins, but light comes second. I've been working full time from home since 2018, so having a proper office makes a lot of sense. This is my 3rd home office, and I'm in the process of building a 4th one. So more on that next time.

How do you spark creativity?

I'm a late night person, work best between 8pm - 2pm so having an active day is best for my creativity. Go for walks or runs to just get away from the desk. I also find a lot of inspiration in things that have little to do with my work as a UI/UX Designer. So could be reading books or watching documentaries about historical events. But also music and odd visual experiences. Getting into the flow state is probably the most effective way for me to find creativity. And that just requires a lot of discipline. You need to sit down and do the work. But with so many things distracting you it is easy to procrastinate.

How do you manage work-life balance?

Right now I'm finding it really difficult. There are a lot of things happening right now. I'm basically working from early morning to late night. With one exception, that is making time for my two daughters. But it means I have very little personal life, and spend almost no time with friends. Except online. I'm looking forward to making some drastic changes now that autumn is on the doorstep and hope that will have cascading effects into all aspects of work-life balance.

What excites you about building in the AI space?

There are so many things that currently excite me to be honest. We're living through a paradigm shift in how we collaborate with machines. How we write software and what we expect from our mechanical counterparts. Being very close to the action affords me to get a lot of first hand experiences with tools and services that feels like they should be in a science-fiction movie.
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