363 - Kevser Topçu

Kevser Topçu is a Senior Product Manager based in Turkey

Kevser Topçu is a Senior Product Manager based in Turkey, specializing in software development. I currently oversee a mobile travel planning app, bringing a wealth of experience to the role.

While outside of work, she enjoys diving into books across a spectrum of subjects. In a world dominated by scrolling, she opts for the enriching escape of books during breaks, making the most of every moment. And even incorporates arm workouts with dumbbells during some meetings, a testament to her dedication to personal well-being.

Twitter (X) → twitter.com/kevstopcu
Instagram → instagram.com/kevs_topcu
LinkedIn → linkedin.com/in/kevsertopcu

Inside Kevser's Workspace

Workspace Items


  • Microsoft Teams: Collaboration hub for teamwork
  • Figma: Collaborative interface design tool with real-time collaboration.
  • Asana: Task and project management software for team collaboration.
  • Postman: API development and testing platform
  • Firebase Console: Managing push notifications

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

The most useful items in my workspace are undoubtedly my pen and notebooks. They play a pivotal role in my daily routine as a Product Manager. In my line of work, there are countless details and tasks to manage, making it crucial not to forget anything. I find that taking meticulous notes helps me stay organized and ensures that I can create excellent work. Moreover, I also value the ability to revisit and recall what I've read or learned, making my pen and notebooks indispensable tools for both productivity and knowledge retention.

What does your typical daily routine look like?

My daily routine as a Senior Product Manager centers on overseeing our mobile travel app and managing the team. Mornings begin with email checks and team updates, followed by strategic planning. I have a mix of meetings with stakeholders and the development team throughout the day, while afternoons are dedicated to diving into app details and addressing challenges. I wrap up by reviewing tasks and communicating updates to the team. After work, I prioritize personal interests or exercise to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

When you sit down to work for the day, what is the first thing you do?

When I sit down to work for the day, the first thing I do is review my emails and messages to catch up on any overnight updates and prioritize my tasks for the day.

Coffee or tea?

COFFEE! I love Americano and Latte. It doesn't matter if they are hot or cold :)
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