392 - Laura Piñeiro Atienza

Laura Piñeiro Atienza is a Vienna-based photographer and multidisciplinary designer

Laura Piñeiro Atienza previously worked for several years as an Architect. She is now working as a Freelance Interior Designer, Photographer, AI Designer and Illustrator.

Originally from Patagonia Argentina, she is now based in Vienna and has been since 2017.

Main Instagram → instagram.com/laura__pin
AI Passion Project → instagram.com/lazybloc
Illustrations → instagram.com/zartundbitter
Threads → threads.net/@laura__pin

Inside Laura's Workspace

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

As I usually work from home and have limited space, I have to say my desk itself is the most useful item. The SVALNÄS wall-mounted storage system from IKEA was discontinued some years ago, but I found it used. It’s light, doesn’t take up floor space, I can attach my HAY Noc clamp lamp on it, have some shelf space for reference books and writing supplies, plus all my gadgets are stored in the small drawers.

But to be honest, the desk is only a placeholder for the Frama shelf that was originally on my Wishlist, which I hope is moving in soon!

How do you spark creativity?

I am a very visual person, and I’m mainly inspired by everyday items and colors, which I combine and experiment with in Mood Boards and generated AI images of fictional spaces or fictive portraits.

What does your typical day look like?

If I don’t have any appointments I wake up quite late, since I am a night owl.

First thing I do is make a coffee and relax on the couch with my cats. As I find the morning hours the most inspiring, I jump into creating new concepts based on things I’ve seen or talked about the day before directly on my phone. It’s like a visual way of journaling.

I then shower, eat and get ready for work. Replying to comments, emails and doing more serious editing and post-production are done on my desktop computer.

The afternoons are spent on meetings, photo-walks or client visits.

In the evening I like to let my creativity flow again, working on some other ideas on the back-burner. I put on some good music, pour a glass of wine and work from my phone until I’ve exhausted all my thoughts. If I have the time, I watch a movie or read books or magazines from where I draw inspiration for the following day.
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