402 - Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams is a software engineer and educator from Bushnell, FL

Thomas Williams is a software engineer. In 2020 he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. He has 1 year of experience working in IT and 3 years of experience as a C# programmer creating and managing Windows applications.

He loves Jesus, his family, coding, desk setups, tech, coffee, and gaming. He is currently learning SwiftUI to make a shift into the iOS Development. He loves Apple products and has always wanted to build iPhone apps.

Instagram → instagram.com/thomas._williams
Threads → threads.net/@thomas._williams

Thomas' Workspace Tour

Workspace Items

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

My most useful item in my workspace is my MX Master 3s. Not only is the mouse comfortable in your hand but it also has my favorite shortcuts setup on it. Being able to Copy, Cut, Paste with a click of a button on my mouse allows me to work much faster.

How do you spark creativity?

My environment.

The best way for me to spark creativity is having a productive environment. My at home office makes it super easy for me to get right to work. I can sit down at my desk and within seconds I can begin creating. There is no stress to setting anything up that would fuel procrastination.

What are your main WFH tips?

My main WFH tip is to have a dedicated area for work if you have the space. I used to have my gaming and work all in one desk setup. I found for me it was hard to get into the work mindset because the procrastination of gaming was always a tempting thing. Separating the two was the best thing I ever did. When I sit down at my work setup my brain goes right into work mode. No distractions are in front of me.
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